Keeping the 8th Judicial District safe and reforming our criminal justice system is my life’s work. With your support, we can achieve these important goals together.


PROTECT – Concentration on Serious & Violent Offenders

Marcus will ensure the District Attorney’s office conducts an analysis of all criminal cases to identify the most serious and violent offenders and take them off our streets.

Marcus will dedicate specific attorneys and staff to focus on violent crimes and provide victims with some closure.

PREVENT – Fighting the Opioid Epidemic in Northern New Mexico

Marcus will increase access in the District Attorney’s office to treatment for cases involving drug dependence and abuse.

Marcus is a strong advocate of expanding the use of the Veterans’ and Drug Court to divert substance and drug abuse cases from criminal court to a pathway to treatment.

Marcus will continue to collaborate with community leaders, law enforcement and elected officials to expand community outreach and prevention programs.

PROSECUTE – Fair & Equitable Justice for All

Marcus is committed to protecting the innocent, conv­­­­­icting the guilty, and preserving the rule of law.

Marcus will always take into serious consideration the interests of victims and witnesses and will respect the constitutional and legal rights of all persons, including suspects and defendants.